How To Know What Trim My Car Is

When you’re looking to buy a car it’s important to know what trim levels are available and what each offers. Here’s a quick guide on how to know what trim your car is. There are three main ways to find out what trim your car is. The first is to look for the trim level … Read more

What Does Car With Key Symbol Mean

If you’re like most people you’ve probably seen a car with a key symbol and wondered what it meant. Well wonder no more! Here’s everything you need to know about this important symbol. The car with key symbol is a warning light that comes on when the key is in the ignition and the engine … Read more

How Is Interest Calculated On A Car Loan

Assuming you’re asking how interest is calculated on a typical car loan in the United States: Interest on a car loan is calculated using what’s called simple interest. That is the interest charged is based only on the principal balance of the loan and it’s not compounded over the life of the loan. The way … Read more

Can I Remove Someone From My Car Insurance

If you’re asking yourself “Can I remove someone from my car insurance?” the answer is probably yes. Here’s what you need to know about removing a driver from your auto insurance policy. Most insurance companies allow policyholders to remove drivers from their policy at any time. If you need to remove someone from your car … Read more

Can I Pack My Car Before I Ship It

If you’re planning on shipping your car you might be wondering if you can pack it before it’s loaded onto the truck. The answer is it depends. If you’re shipping a car to another state or country it’s generally advisable to have the car professionally packed and shipped by a company that specializes in this … Read more

What Are Dome Lights In A Car

Dome lights are the overhead lights in a car. They are usually located in the center of the car near the roof. Dome lights can be white yellow or any other color and they usually turn on when the door is opened. Dome lights are important for two main reasons. First they help you see … Read more

Can I Sleep After A Car Accident

It is normal to feel tired after a car accident. In fact feeling tired is one of the most common symptoms people experience after a car accident. Fatigue can set in quickly after an accident or it may take a day or two to set in. If you were involved in a serious accident you … Read more

How Many Computers Are In A Car

There are computers in almost every single car on the road today. They are responsible for a huge range of functions from monitoring and regulating the engine to providing in-car entertainment and information. Sometimes called Electronic Control Units (ECUs) these computers use a variety of sensors to monitor different systems in the car and make … Read more

How To Clean Dog Hair From Car

If you’ve got a dog you know that their hair can get everywhere – including your car. And while you may not mind a little bit of dog hair in your car it can start to become a problem if it gets out of control. Luckily there are a few things you can do to … Read more