A car is parked on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The driver’s door is open and the driver’s seat is empty. The car’s engine is running and the headlights are on. The car’s doors are locked and the windows are up. The car’s trunk is open and there is a suitcase in the trunk. The car is in park and the parking brake is on. The keys are in the ignition and the car’s headlights are off.

How high is the cliff?

The cliff is 200 feet high.

How far is the car from the edge of the cliff?

The car is 20 feet from the edge of the cliff.

Is the car parked on level ground?

No the car is parked on a steep incline.

How long has the car been parked there?

The car has been parked there for two hours.

Why is the car parked there?

The car is parked there because the owner wanted to see the view.

Is the car’s emergency brake engaged?

Yes the car’s emergency brake is engaged.

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Are the car’s headlights on?

No the car’s headlights are not on.

Is there anyone in the car?

No there is no one in the car.

Is the car’s engine running?

No the car’s engine is not running.

Are the car’s doors locked?

Yes the car’s doors are locked.

Are the car’s windows up?

Yes the car’s windows are up.

Is it a sunny day?

Yes it is a sunny day.

Is it windy?

No it is not windy.

Is the ocean calm?

Yes the ocean is calm.

Could the car roll off the cliff?

Yes the car could roll off the cliff if the emergency brake failed.

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