A Man Pushes A Car To A Hotel

A man pushes a car to a hotel. He’s walking down the street when he notices a car with its lights on and the door open. He looks inside and sees that the keys are in the ignition. He thinks to himself “I could just take this car and nobody would ever know.” But then he realizes that the hotel is right down the street and he could just push the car there. So that’s what he does.

He pushes the car all the way to the hotel and park it in the lot. Then he goes inside and asks the manager if he can use the phone. The manager says “Sure but what’s wrong with your car?” The man says “I don’t know. It was fine when I left it.”

The manager lets him use the phone and the man calls a tow truck. The tow truck comes and takes the car away. The man is never seen again.

This story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of leaving your car unlocked and unattended. It’s also a reminder that there are still good people in the world who are willing to help others even if it means doing something a little out of their way.

What is the man doing?

The man is pushing a car to a hotel.

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