You’ve seen those little sticks on the steering column or center console of some sports cars and wondered what are paddle shifters and can you add them to your car? Paddle shifters are a type of manual shifting system that is popular in high performance cars. They get their name from their resemblance to the paddles on a canoe or kayak.

In a car with paddle shifters there are usually two paddles one on each side of the steering wheel. The paddle on the left is used to shift up and the paddle on the right is used to shift down. To shift gears you simply flick the paddle in the direction you want to go.

Paddle shifters first appeared on race cars in the 1980s as a way to give drivers the ability to shift gears without taking their hands off the steering wheel. But it wasn’t until the early 2000s that they started appearing in production cars.

Nowadays you’ll find paddle shifters on all sorts of performance cars from entry-level luxury cars to supercars. And while they’re not for everyone there are a lot of people who love them.

If you’re thinking about adding paddle shifters to your car there are a few things you need to know. First paddle shifters are not a replacement for a traditional manual transmission. They’re simply an addition that can be used in conjunction with a traditional manual transmission.

Second you’ll need to have a car that’s compatible with paddle shifters. Not all cars are. For example paddle shifters won’t work on a car that has an automatic transmission.

Third you’ll need to purchase a paddle shifter kit. These kits are relatively easy to install and usually come with everything you need to get the job done.

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So can you add paddle shifters to your car? Yes you can. But you’ll need to make sure your car is compatible and you have the right kit.

What are paddle shifters?

Paddle shifters are paddles located on the steering wheel that are used to shift gears manually.

Can you add paddle shifters to a car?

Yes you can add paddle shifters to a car.

How do paddle shifters work?

Paddle shifters work by allowing the driver to manually shift gears by using the paddles located on the steering wheel.

Do paddle shifters improve performance?

Paddle shifters can improve performance by allowing the driver to better control the car and make quicker shifts.

Are paddle shifters legal?

Paddle shifters are legal in most racing series.

Do all cars have paddle shifters?

No not all cars have paddle shifters.

How much do paddle shifters cost?

The cost of paddle shifters varies depending on the make and model of the car.

Why would someone want paddle shifters?

Paddle shifters offer the driver more control over the car and the ability to make quicker shifts.

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Can paddle shifters be installed aftermarket?

Yes paddle shifters can be installed aftermarket.

What is the advantage of paddle shifters over a traditional shifter?

Paddle shifters offer the driver more control over the car and the ability to make quicker shifts.

Do paddle shifters come standard on all cars?

No paddle shifters are not standard on all cars.

How do you install paddle shifters?

Paddle shifters can be installed by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project.

What cars come with paddle shifters?

Paddle shifters are available on many different makes and models of cars.

Are paddle shifters worth the money?

Paddle shifters can be a worthwhile investment for drivers who want more control over their car.

What are the disadvantages of paddle shifters?

Paddle shifters can be difficult to use and may require some practice to get the hang of them.

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