If you’re considering trading in your car to carvana there are a few things you should know. First carvana will only accept certain types of vehicles. They must be less than 10 years old have fewer than 125000 miles and have a clean title. Secondly carvana will only give you a trade-in value for your car if it’s in good condition. This means no major dents scratches or mechanical problems. If your car doesn’t meet these criteria you may still be able to sell it to carvana but you won’t get a trade-in value for it.

Once you’ve found a car on carvana that you’re interested in you can start the trade-in process by entering your car’s information on their website. They will then give you an initial offer for your car. If you accept their offer they will send you a package with everything you need to ship your car to them. Once they receive your car they will inspect it and if everything is as you said it was they will finalize the trade-in and send you the payment.

The process of trading in your car to carvana is simple and straightforward and it’s a great way to get rid of your old car and get a new one without having to go through the hassle of selling your car privately.

Will Carvana buy my car?

Yes Carvana operates as an online used car dealership and will buy your car from you.

How does Carvana work?

Carvana offers an online platform for buying used cars.

Customers can trade in their old car get financing and schedule delivery or pickup all on the website.

How much does Carvana pay for cars?

Carvana will make you an offer for your car based on its make model mileage and overall condition.

Where is Carvana located?

Carvana is headquartered in Tempe Arizona.

What forms of payment does Carvana accept?

Carvana accepts cash check money order or financing through a third-party lender.

How long does it take to get paid by Carvana?

Once you have accepted Carvana’s offer for your car the company will send you a check within seven days.

How does Carvana deliver cars?

Customers have the option of having their car delivered to their home or picking it up from a nearby Carvana Car Vending Machine.

What is a Carvana Car Vending Machine?

A Carvana Car Vending Machine is a large multi-story tower where customers can pick up their purchased car.

What is the Carvana 7-Day Money Back Guarantee?

The Carvana 7-Day Money Back Guarantee allows customers to return their purchase within seven days for a full refund.

What is the Carvana 100-Day Warranty?

The Carvana 100-Day Warranty covers any mechanical or electrical problems that may arise with your purchase within the first 100 days.

What is the Carvana Trade-In Promise?

The Carvana Trade-In Promise guarantees that you will receive at least $1000 more for your trade-in than the dealership’s offer.

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How does Carvana financing work?

Carvana offers financing through a third-party lender.

Customers can fill out an application on the website and will receive a decision within minutes.

What is the Carvana Certified Promise?

The Carvana Certified Promise means that every car has undergone a 150-point inspection and comes with a free CarFax report.

What is the Carvana Curbstoning Promise?

The Carvana Curbstoning Promise guarantees that no Carvana car has ever been sold by an unlicensed dealer also known as curbstoning.

What is the Carvana Best Price Promise?

The Carvana Best Price Promise means that if you find a lower price for the same car within three days of purchase Carvana will refund the difference.

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