When To Use Recirculation In Car

If your car has an air recirculation button you might be wondering when you should use it. Here’s a quick guide to help you out. What is recirculation? Recirculation is when your car’s air conditioner recirculates the air inside the cabin instead of drawing in fresh air from outside. Why use recirculation? There are a … Read more

What Kind Of Car Is Christine

Christine is a car that was made in the 1980s. It was made by the movie studio that made the movie “Christine.” The car is a red and white Plymouth Fury. It has a V8 engine and can go up to speeds of 120MPH. The car is cursed and has a mind of its own. … Read more

Where Can I Park My Car In Chicago

Looking for a place to park your car in Chicago? You’re in luck! There are plenty of options for parking in the Windy City. If you’re looking for on-street parking there are a few things to keep in mind. First be sure to read the signs carefully. Chicago has a unique system of parking meters … Read more

Can U File Bankruptcy And Keep Your Car

Can you file bankruptcy and keep your car? For many people their car is their most valuable asset. So it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions we get is “Can I keep my car if I file bankruptcy?” The answer is maybe. It depends on a few factors including the type of … Read more

What Not To Do After Car Accident

After a car accident there are a lot of things you should not do. First you should not leave the scene of the accident even if you think it was your fault. It is important to exchange information with the other driver and to get the police involved so that there is a record of … Read more

Who To See After A Car Accident

After you’ve been in a car accident it’s important to take care of your health and seek out any necessary medical attention. Here are some professionals you may need to see after an accident: 1. Emergency Room Physician If you’ve been in a serious car accident it’s important to go to the emergency room right … Read more

Is Mazda A Good Car

Mazda has been making waves in the automotive industry lately and for good reason. The company has been pumping out some seriously impressive vehicles and the Mazda3 is a perfect example. It’s stylish well-built and fun to drive. Of course all that comes at a cost and the Mazda3 isn’t the most affordable car in … Read more

What Is The Sexiest Car

There’s no definitive answer to this question since what one person finds sexy in a car may not be what another person finds sexy. However there are certain cars that tend to be considered sexy by a lot of people. These cars typically have an aggressive or sporty design a powerful engine and/or a luxurious … Read more

What Are Car Struts

Car struts are one of the most important parts of a car and they play a vital role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Without struts your car would not be able to effectively absorb the impact of bumps and potholes in the road which would result in a much rougher ride. In addition … Read more

Why Is My Car Keep Cutting Off

If your car keeps cutting off it could be for a number of reasons. It could be a problem with the fuel system the ignition system or a number of other potential issues. One potential reason why your car might keep cutting off is if there is a problem with the fuel system. The fuel … Read more

Where Can I Rent A Car Dolly Near Me

If you’re looking to rent a car dolly there are a few things you’ll need to take into account. Here are a few tips to help you find the best rental option for your needs: 1. Determine the size of the car dolly you’ll need. 2. Consider the weight capacity of the car dolly. 3. … Read more

How To Get A Car To Alaska

Assuming you would like a blog post on the process of shipping a car to Alaska: “How to Get a Car to Alaska” There are a few ways to get a car to Alaska but the most common and reliable way is by ship. Here are some things to keep in mind when shipping a … Read more

How Much Do Car Washes Make

Car washes can be quite profitable businesses. They have low overhead costs and can generate a lot of revenue. The average car wash makes around $60000 a year. However there are some car washes that make much more than that. The most successful car washes can make over $1 million a year. There are a … Read more

What’S Tpms In A Car

TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a feature in many newer cars that uses sensors to monitor the air pressure in your tires. If the pressure in one or more tires drops below a preset level a warning light on the dash will come on to alert you. TPMS is a great safety feature … Read more

When Is It Time To Trade In Your Car

It’s never easy to make the decision to trade in your car. On one hand you’ve probably grown attached to your car. It’s been with you through thick and thin and has never let you down. On the other hand it’s probably starting to show its age. The paint might be faded the seats might … Read more

How To Lease Your Car To Someone

If you’re looking to lease your car to someone there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First you’ll need to make sure that the person you’re leasing to is reliable and will take good care of your car. Second you’ll need to make sure that you have a valid insurance policy … Read more

Does Home Insurance Cover Hail Damage To Car

Home insurance policies typically cover hail damage to your house and any attached structures like a garage. Your car however is usually excluded from standard home insurance coverage. If you want your car to be covered for hail damage you need to purchase comprehensive car insurance. While home insurance covers hail damage to your home … Read more

Where Can I Get My Car Door Lock Fixed

If you’re like most people your car is one of your most prized possessions. So when something goes wrong with it it can be a major inconvenience. One of the worst things that can happen is a problem with your car door locks. If you can’t get into your car it can make your life … Read more

Why Do Police Touch The Car

When a police officer pulls someone over the first thing they do is touch the car. Why? Because it’s a way to establish control over the situation. The police officer is the one with the badge and the gun and they want to make sure that the person they’re pulling over knows that. So by … Read more

How To Get Money From Car Insurance Claim

If you’ve been in a car accident you may be wondering how to get money from your car insurance claim. Here’s what you need to know. First you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Be sure to have all the necessary documentation including a police report and any medical records. Once your … Read more

Is Nu Car Rental Legit

Nu car rental has been in business for quite a while now and they have been constantly expanding their services to make sure that they are able to meet the needs of their clients. There is no doubt that they are legitimate and they have been able to build a good reputation for themselves. They … Read more

Do I Need A Car In Reykjavik

Assuming you’re asking whether it’s possible to get by without a car in Reykjavik the answer is yes! While having a car can make getting around Reykjavik easier it’s certainly not necessary. There are a number of ways to get around the city without a car including walking biking taking the bus and even taking … Read more

Why Did My Car Alarm Go Off Randomly

If you’ve ever wondered why your car alarm went off randomly you’re not alone. Many people have experienced this mysterious phenomenon and there are a few different possible explanations. One possibility is that your car alarm is malfunctioning. This is relatively rare but it can happen. If you think this might be the case you … Read more

What To Do In A Long Car Ride

If you’re going to be stuck in a car for a long time there are a few things you can do to make the most of the situation. First if you’re the driver make sure you’re well rested before starting the trip. It’s also a good idea to have a co-driver so you can take … Read more

How To Sell Car In Kentucky

If you’re looking to sell your car in Kentucky there are a few things you need to know. For starters you’ll need to have a clear title to your vehicle. This means that you are the legal owner of the car and there are no liens or encumbrances against it. You’ll also need to have … Read more

Can I Have 3 Car Loans

Assuming you mean at the same time: It is certainly possible to have three car loans out at the same time but whether or not it is a good idea is another story. On the one hand having three car loans can help you build up your credit score if you make all of your … Read more

Who Owns Firefly Car Rental

There are a lot of opinions out there about who owns Firefly car rental. Some say that the company is owned by Hertz while others say that it is owned by Budget. However the truth is that Firefly is actually a subsidiary of Hertz. This means that Hertz owns the company and is responsible for … Read more

How Much To Get Car Painted Black

The short answer is that it will cost somewhere between $400 and $1000 to have your car painted black. Of course there are many factors that can affect the final cost such as the type of paint used the quality of the paint job the size of the car and the geographical location. If you … Read more

What Is Sputtering Car

A sputtering car is a vehicle whose engine is having difficulty running smoothly. The engine may make a sputtering sound when it is idling or when the accelerator is pressed. There are several potential causes of a sputtering car including a dirty air filter spark plugs fuel injectors or a mass air flow sensor. If … Read more

Does An Older Car Cost More To Insure

If you’re a driver over the age of 25 you’ve probably noticed that your car insurance rates have gone up. And if you’re a younger driver you’re probably wondering why your rates are so high. The truth is there are a number of factors that go into determining your car insurance rates and age is … Read more

Which Electric Car Charges The Fastest

According to a recent study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) the Chevy Bolt EV charges the fastest of any electric car currently on the market. The Chevy Bolt EV can charge at up to 7.2 kW which is almost twice as fast as the … Read more

What Transmission Fits My Car

If you’re looking to replace your car’s transmission the best place to start is by finding out which type of transmission is currently in your car. Once you know what type of transmission you have you can narrow down your search for a replacement transmission by finding one that is compatible with your car. In … Read more

How To Get A Car Self Employed

If you’re self-employed you know that your income can fluctuate from month to month making it difficult to budget for large purchases like a car. But with careful planning and a solid understanding of your finances it is possible to get a car while self-employed. Here are a few tips to help you make the … Read more

When Do You Downshift In A Manual Car

If you’re driving a manual car you’ll need to downshift when you’re coming to a stop. This is because when you’re driving at high speeds the engine is revving faster than it is at lower speeds. When you downshift you’re essentially matching the speed of the engine to the speed of the wheels which makes … Read more

What Vinyl Do I Use For Car Window Decals

There are a variety of vinyls that can be used for car window decals but the most common and recommended vinyl is known as Oracal 651. This vinyl is a high performance calendered vinyl that features a permanent adhesive and a glossy finish. It is specifically designed for use on smooth flat surfaces making it … Read more

How To Transfer Insurance To Another Car

Assuming you would like a blog post on tips for transferring insurance to another car: “3 Tips for Transferring Your Auto Insurance to a New Car If you’re like most people your car is one of your biggest financial investments. So when it’s time to upgrade to a new vehicle you want to be sure … Read more