What Makes A Car A Lemon In California

A “lemon” is a car that is defective and does not meet the standards of quality and performance that a consumer reasonably expects. The term “lemon” can also apply to trucks motorcycles recreational vehicles and other motorized vehicles. Under California’s Lemon Law a car is considered a lemon if it has a defect that substantially … Read more

Do Car Dealerships Provide Insurance

Car dealerships are businesses that sell cars. They can also provide other services such as financing leasing and repairs. Some dealerships also offer insurance. Some dealerships offer insurance through their own in-house insurance agency. Other dealerships partner with an outside insurance company. Many states require that dealerships offer some type of insurance but the type … Read more

Can I Get A Refund On Car Insurance

If you are cancelling your car insurance because you have sold your car you may be eligible for a refund. To find out contact your insurance company and ask about their refund policy. If you are cancelling your car insurance because you are moving to a new province or territory you may be eligible for … Read more