Ed Sheeran is a popular singer and songwriter who is known for his hits “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud.” On October 13 2017 it was reported that Ed Sheeran had been hit by a car while cycling in London. The reports claimed that Ed was taken to the hospital and was being treated for a broken arm.

Ed took to his Instagram account to share a photo of himself in a hospital bed and he confirmed that he had indeed broken his arm in the accident. He also said that he was “waiting on some results” and asked people to “wish me luck.”

Since the accident Ed has cancelled several shows including two in Asia. He has also postponed his European tour which was scheduled to begin in early 2018.

We wish Ed a full and speedy recovery!

What year was Ed Sheeran hit by a car?


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Where was Ed Sheeran when he got hit by a car?


Who hit Ed Sheeran with their car?

A driver who was not paying attention.

How badly was Ed Sheeran injured in the accident?

He suffered a fractured elbow wrist and ribs.

How long did Ed Sheeran have to recover from his injuries?

He was in the hospital for a week and then had to rest for several months.

What was the first single Ed Sheeran released after the accident?

The A Team

What album did The A Team appear on?


How many Grammy Awards has Ed Sheeran won?


What was the first Ed Sheeran song to reach number one in the UK?

Shape of You

What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s dog?


What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s latest album?

÷ (Divide)

What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s label?

Gingerbread Man Records

What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s management company?

September Management

What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s tour manager?

Stuart Camp

What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s agent?

Brian Message

Drew Dorian

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