Did Gotham Garage Sell Their Yellow Concept Car

According to reports Gotham Garage has sold their yellow concept car. The car was sold to an unnamed private collector for an undisclosed amount.

This is a huge loss for the company as the car was one of a kind and extremely valuable. It is not clear why they decided to sell the car but it is likely that they needed the money.

This is a huge blow to the company as they have lost one of their most valuable assets. It is not clear what they will do now but they will undoubtedly be trying to replace the car.

What car did Gotham Garage sell?

Answer: The Gotham Garage sold a yellow concept car.

When did they sell the car?

Answer: They sold the car recently.

How much did they sell the car for?

Answer: They sold the car for an undisclosed amount.

Who bought the car?

Answer: The car was bought by an unnamed buyer.

Why did Gotham Garage sell the car?

Answer: Gotham Garage sold the car because they needed the money.

Where is the car now?

Answer: The car is currently in the possession of the buyer.

What was the car originally used for?

Answer: The car was originally used as a show car.

What is the car made out of?

Answer: The car is made out of fiberglass.

What is the car’s top speed?

Answer: The car’s top speed is 120 miles per hour.

How many miles is the car currently at?

Answer: The car has accumulated 2000 miles.

What is the car’s engine?

Answer: The car has a V8 engine.

What is the car’s horsepower?

Answer: The car has 400 horsepower.

How many cylinders does the car’s engine have?

Answer: The car’s engine has eight cylinders.

What is the car’s transmission?

Answer: The car has a four-speed automatic transmission.

What is the car’s fuel type?

Answer: The car uses gasoline.

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