No most car dealerships do not take personal or business checks. Some dealerships may accept cashier’s checks or money orders but this is typically in lieu of cash or a certified bank draft. The reason that car dealerships typically do not accept checks is because they can be easily forged or canceled. In addition checks can take several days to clear which can delay the car sale. For these reasons it’s generally best to use cash a debit or credit card or a bank draft when purchasing a car from a dealership.

Do car dealerships take checks?

Yes car dealerships typically take personal checks business checks and cashier’s checks.

However some dealerships may not accept checks from out-of-state bank accounts.

How do I know if a car dealership is reputable?

You can check if a car dealership is reputable by checking to see if it’s a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) or the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

What should I do if I’m thinking of buying a car from an individual instead of a dealership?

You should get a vehicle history report (VHR) and have the vehicle inspected by a reputable mechanic before buying.

Can I trade in my old car at a dealership?

Yes most dealerships accept trade-ins.

How much is my trade-in worth?

The value of your trade-in depends on the make model year condition and mileage of your vehicle.

What’s the difference between a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle and a regular used vehicle?

A CPO vehicle has been inspected by the manufacturer and comes with a warranty while a regular used vehicle does not.

Should I get an extended warranty on my new car?

That depends.

If you’re buying a new car the manufacturer’s warranty should cover any repairs that are needed.

However if you’re buying a used car you may want to consider an extended warranty to cover repairs.

What are the benefits of leasing a car?

Some benefits of leasing a car include lower monthly payments no need to worry about selling the car when you’re done and the ability to drive a new car every few years.

What are the disadvantages of leasing a car?

Some disadvantages of leasing a car include mileage limits wear-and-tear charges and the fact that you don’t own the car when the lease is up.

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Can I lease a car if I have bad credit?

That depends.

Some leasing companies may require a higher credit score than others.

How much should I expect to pay for a down payment on a lease?

Most leasing companies require a down payment and the amount you’ll need to pay depends on the make and model of the car you’re leasing.

Can I get out of my lease early?

Yes but you may have to pay a fee.

What happens if I go over the mileage limit on my lease?

If you go over the mileage limit on your lease you may have to pay a fee.

What if I damage the car I’m leasing?

If you damage the car you’re leasing you may have to pay a fee.

What should I do when my lease is up?

When your lease is up you will need to return the car to the dealership.

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