In the 2006 animated film Cars Tow Mater tells Lightning McQueen that he doesn’t need life insurance because “cars don’t live.” But does that mean that the fictional racecar Lightning McQueen doesn’t need car insurance?

Here’s a look at whether or not the popular Pixar character would be covered under a typical car insurance policy.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a type of insurance that helps to cover the cost of repairs or replacement in the event of an accident theft or other damage to a vehicle. It typically includes liability coverage in the event that the policyholder is found at fault for an accident as well as collision and comprehensive coverage for damage caused by things like weather fire or vandalism.

What would Lightning McQueen’s car insurance policy look like?

Given that Lightning McQueen is a valuable racecar with a custom paint job and sponsorships his car insurance policy would probably be pretty expensive. However there are a few things that could help to lower his rates.

First Lightning McQueen has a perfect driving record. In the Cars movies he’s never been involved in an accident (although he has come close a few times). This means that he would be eligible for a good driver discount from most insurers.

Second Lightning McQueen’s car is equipped with some pretty high-tech safety features like airbags and seatbelts. This would help to lower his rates even further.

Finally because Lightning McQueen is a racecar he would probably be classified as a high-risk driver. However because he has a perfect driving record he would still be eligible for some discounts.

What about Lightning McQueen’s life insurance policy?

As Tow Mater pointed out cars don’t need life insurance. However the drivers of those cars do. So if Lightning McQueen had a life insurance policy it would likely be in his owner’s name rather than in the car’s name.

However it’s worth noting that Lightning McQueen is a sentient car. In the Cars universe he is able to think and feel just like a human. This means that technically he could get his own life insurance policy.

Of course because he’s a car his life insurance policy would be pretty pricey. After all how many people do you know that have life insurance on their cars?

So does Lightning McQueen have life or car insurance?

The answer is both. While he doesn’t need life insurance he does need car insurance. And given his high value and high-risk status his premiums are probably pretty expensive.

Is Lightning McQueen a real car?

Lightning McQueen is not a real car.

How much does Lightning McQueen weigh?

Lightning McQueen weighs 3000 pounds.

Is Lightning McQueen insured?

We cannot find any information on whether or not Lightning McQueen has insurance.

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