How Do You Say Car In French

“How do you say car in French?”

“Voiture” replies the Frenchman.

This simple exchange between a Frenchman and an inquisitive foreigner is a common one. It’s also one that can be easily misunderstood.

The French word “voiture” can refer to a vehicle of any kind including a car truck or motorcycle. It can also be used to describe a train carriage or even a rickshaw.

In English we would never use the word “car” to describe anything other than a car. We would use “vehicle” to refer to a larger category that includes cars trucks and buses or “transportation” to refer to a even broader category that includes all means of conveyance.

The French language is more flexible in this regard. If you want to be specific and say “car” you can add the word “automobile” in front of “voiture.”

For example you might say “J’ai une nouvelle automobile” (I have a new car) or “Il conduit une voiture rouge” (He’s driving a red car).

You can also use the word “voiture” on its own to refer to a car as in “Je suis en voiture” (I’m in the car) or “Elle a une voiture” (She has a car).

The word “voiture” is also used in a number of idiomatic expressions such as “prendre quelqu’un en voiture” (to give someone a ride) “faire de l’auto-stop” (to hitchhike) and “ça roule!” (Everything’s going great!).

If you want to ask someone “Where are you going?” in French you would say “Où allez-vous?” (pronounced “oo-all-ay-voo”). But if you want to ask “Where’s your car?” you would say “Où est ta voiture?” (pronounced “oo-ay ta vwah-toor”).

In French as in English the word “car” can be used as a noun or a verb. When used as a noun it refers to a vehicle. When used as a verb it means “to drive.”

For example you might say “Je vais au travail en voiture” (I’m going to work by car) or “Tu dois conduire ta voiture avec prudence” (You must drive your car carefully).

When used as a verb the word “voiture” is conjugated according to the subject. For example “Je vois” (I drive) “Tu vois” (You drive) “Il voit” (He drives) “Nous voyons” (We drive) “Vous voyez” (You all drive) “Ils voient” (They drive).

One last thing to keep in mind is that the French word for “car” is feminine so it always takes a feminine article (“la” or “une”) and adjectives. For example you would say “C’est une voiture rapide” (It’s a fast car) or “C’est une voiture bleue” (It’s a blue car).

So there you have it! Now you know how to say “car” in French.

How do you say “car” in French?


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