Illinois and Tennessee are two of the largest states in the Midwest. Both states are bordered by the Mississippi River and have a rich history. The two states also share a border with Kentucky. Tennessee is located to the south of Kentucky and Illinois is located to the north of Kentucky. The state of Missouri is located to the west of Illinois and the state of Kentucky is located to the east of Tennessee.

The state of Illinois has a population of over 12 million people. The state of Tennessee has a population of over 6 million people. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois with a population of over 2.7 million people. Memphis is the largest city in Tennessee with a population of over 650000 people.

The driving distance from Chicago Illinois to Memphis Tennessee is approximately 630 miles. The driving time would be approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes if you were to drive straight through without any stops.

If you were to take the most direct route you would take I-55 South from Chicago to Memphis. Along the way you would pass through the Illinois cities of Springfield Joliet and Bloomington. You would also pass through the Missouri cities of St. Louis and Cape Girardeau. In Tennessee you would pass through the cities of Nashville and Jackson.

Of course there are many other routes that you could take from Chicago to Memphis. You could take I-65 South through Louisville Kentucky or I-57 South through Carbondale Illinois. You could also take I-80 West through Indiana and then down through Evansville Indiana before crossing into Kentucky.

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No matter which route you choose you are sure to have an enjoyable drive. Thanks for reading and safe travels!

How many miles is it from Tennessee to Chicago by car?

It is about 660 miles from Tennessee to Chicago by car.

How long does it take to drive from Tennessee to Chicago?

It takes about 10-11 hours to drive from Tennessee to Chicago.

Is it a direct drive from Tennessee to Chicago?

No there are several routes you can take from Tennessee to Chicago.

What are some things to do in Chicago?

Visit Millennium Park The Art Institute of Chicago Willis Tower and more.

Where is Chicago located?

Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the shores of Lake Michigan.

What is the population of Chicago?

Chicago has a population of 2695598.

What is the climate in Chicago?

The climate in Chicago is continental with cold winters and hot humid summers.

What are some landmarks in Chicago?

The Bean Buckingham Fountain Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile.

What is the best time to visit Chicago?

The best time to visit Chicago is in the summer or fall.

What is the sales tax in Chicago?

The sales tax in Chicago is 10.


What is the crime rate in Chicago?

The crime rate in Chicago is higher than the national average.

What are some things to eat in Chicago?

Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.

What is the average rent in Chicago?

The average rent in Chicago is $1700.

What is the unemployment rate in Chicago?

The unemployment rate in Chicago is 5.


What is the average temperature in Chicago?

The average temperature in Chicago is 30 degrees.

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