How Long Are Car Inspections

Most states require some form of vehicle inspection but the frequency and type of inspection varies widely. Here’s a look at how often car inspections are required and what they entail.

How often are car inspections required?

Inspection frequency depends on the state in which you live. For example bi-annual inspections are required in Pennsylvania while New Hampshire requires an inspection only when a vehicle is first registered. Other states like Alabama have annual inspection requirements.

What do car inspections entail?

The specifics of a car inspection also depend on the state but there are some general elements that are typically included. An inspection will usually include a check of the vehicle’s brakes lights and horn as well as the steering and suspension. The condition of the tires and the vehicle’s exhaust system will also be checked.

Why are car inspections required?

There are a few reasons for car inspection requirements. First these inspections help to ensure that vehicles are safe to be on the road. Second regular inspections can identify potential problems early on before they cause serious damage or become unsafe. Finally car inspections can help to protect the environment by ensuring that vehicles are not emitting too much pollution.

While car inspections may seem like a hassle they are important for the safety of drivers and pedestrians as well as the environment. Be sure to check the requirements for your state so that you can stay compliant and avoid any penalties.

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How long does a car inspection usually take?

A car inspection usually takes around 30 minutes.

How often do I need to get my car inspected?

Car inspections are typically required once a year.

What should I do to prepare for my car inspection?

Make sure your car is clean and organized before your inspection.

What do I need to bring with me to my car inspection?

You will need to bring your car registration and proof of insurance.

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What happens if I fail my car inspection?

You will need to fix whatever issue(s) your car has and then get it reinspected.

What do car inspectors check for during an inspection?

Car inspectors check for things like an up-to-date registration proper functioning headlights and taillights and if your car has the required amount of mirrors.

My car is due for an inspection but it needs repairs.

Can I still get it inspected?

You can still get your car inspected but you will need to get the repairs done before you can legally drive it again.

I just bought a car.

Do I need to get it inspected?

Yes all cars need to be inspected once a year.

I’m selling my car.

Do I need to get it inspected?

Yes all cars need to be inspected once a year.

I’m renting a car.

Do I need to get it inspected?

No you do not need to inspect a car that you are renting.

Do I need to get my car inspected if it’s brand new?

No you do not need to inspect a brand new car.

How much does a car inspection cost?

The cost of a car inspection typically ranges from $50-$100.

I got into a car accident.

Does my car need to be inspected?

Yes any car that has been in a car accident needs to be inspected before it can be driven again.

My car is making a weird noise.

Does it need to be inspected?

It is possible that your car just needs a simple repair but it is always best to err on the side of caution and get your car inspected.

I’m moving to a new state.

Do I need to get my car inspected?

Yes you will need to get your car inspected once you move to a new state.

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