To draw a street car you will need:

-A pencil

-A piece of paper



1. Begin by sketching out the basic shape of the car. Start with a rectangle for the body and then add the wheels windows and other details.

2. Once you have the basic shape of the car start adding in the details. For the windows start by drawing a horizontal line across the middle of the rectangle. Then draw two vertical lines on either side of the horizontal line.

3. For the wheels start by drawing a small circle in the middle of each wheel. Then draw a larger circle around the small circle.

4. Erase any lines that you don’t need.

5. Use your pencil to add shading and shadows to your drawing. For the body of the car start by adding a shadow along the bottom edge. Then add shadows to the sides of the car.

6. To finish your drawing add any final details that you want. You can add a license plate headlights taillights or anything else that you think will make your drawing look complete.

What is the first step to drawing a street car?

The first step is to sketch out the rough outline of the car.

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What should the second step be?

The second step is to add in the details of the car.

What is the third step?

The third step is to add in the shadows and highlights.

What is the fourth step?

The fourth step is to add in the final details.

What is the fifth step?

The fifth step is to add in the background.

What is the sixth step?

The sixth step is to add in the foreground.

What is the seventh step?

The seventh step is to add in the finishing touches.

What is the eighth step?

The eighth step is to add in the highlights.

What is the ninth step?

The ninth step is to add in the shadows.

What is the tenth step?

The tenth step is to add in the final details.

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