If you want to add some extra holiday cheer to your car this season you can do so by hanging some Christmas lights on it. You’ll need to take some time to plan out where you want to hang the lights and how you want them to look before you get started. Once you have a plan you can start putting the lights up.

You’ll need to gather a few supplies before you get started. You’ll need Christmas lights of course along with zip ties duct tape and a ladder. It’s also a good idea to have a friend help you out so that you can each hold one end of the string of lights while you’re working.

Start by deciding where you want to hang the lights on your car. The front and back bumpers are a popular choice or you can wrap the lights around the windows. Once you’ve decided where to put them use the zip ties to secure the lights in place. Make sure the zip ties are tight so that the lights don’t come loose while you’re driving.

Next you’ll need to plug the lights in to an electrical outlet so that they can power on. Once they’re plugged in use the duct tape to secure the power cord to the car so that it doesn’t come loose.

Finally step back and admire your handiwork. You’ll be all set to spread some holiday cheer wherever you go this season!

How do you put up Christmas lights in your car?

Answer: You will need to purchase a kit specifically designed for cars.

The kit will come with suction cups and clips to attach the lights to your car.

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You will need to clean your car windows before attaching the suction cups.

Once the cups are attached you can start stringing the lights along the edge of the window.

Do all cars have the same sized windows?

Answer: No different cars have different sized windows.

You will need to measure your car windows before purchasing a kit.

Where do you attach the suction cups?

Answer: You attach the suction cups to the outside of the car windows.

Do the suction cups damage the car windows?

Answer: No the suction cups will not damage the car windows.

What kind of lights can you use?

Answer: You can use any type of lights as long as they are designed for use with cars.

How many lights do you need?

Answer: The number of lights you need will depend on the size of your car windows.

How do you turn the lights on?

Answer: Most kits come with a battery pack that you can attach to the lights.

Once the battery pack is attached you can turn on the lights by flipping a switch.

How long do the batteries last?

Answer: The batteries will last for several hours.

Do the lights get hot?

Answer: No the lights do not get hot.

Can the lights be left on overnight?

Answer: No the lights should not be left on overnight.

What happens if the lights are left on overnight?

Answer: The batteries will drain and the lights will go out.

How do you store the lights when you’re done using them?

Answer: Most kits come with a storage bag.

You can use this to store the lights when you’re not using them.

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Do the lights come in different colors?

Answer: Yes the lights come in different colors.

Can you mix and match the colors of the lights?

Answer: Yes you can mix and match the colors of the lights.

What is the best way to put up the lights?

Answer: The best way to put up the lights is to follow the instructions that come with the kit.

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