How To Unlock Story Mode In Pixel Car Racer

“How to Unlock Story Mode in Pixel Car Racer”

1) Enter the “Campaign” section from the main menu.

2) Complete all of the available “Cups” in order from left to right.

3) Upon completion of the final Cup the “Story Mode” option will be unlocked at the bottom of the screen.

4) Select “Story Mode” and progress through the various chapters and stages.

5) Complete the Story Mode to unlock all of the available cars and upgrades.

Pixel Car Racer is an excellent racing game for iOS and Android devices that features a variety of modes including a campaign mode with a lengthy and challenging story. The story mode can be unlocked by completing all of the cups in the campaign section and doing so will unlock a wealth of cars and upgrades. So if you’re looking for a longer and more involved racing game experience be sure to check out Pixel Car Racer.

How do you unlock story mode in pixel car racer?

Answer: You need to beat all the levels in arcade mode to unlock story mode.

Is there a certain order you have to beat the levels in?

Answer: No you can beat the levels in any order you want.

Once you beat all the levels does the game tell you that you’ve unlocked story mode?

Answer: Yes a message will pop up on the screen telling you that you’ve unlocked story mode.

How many levels are there in total?

Answer: There are a total of 50 levels.

What do you have to do in order to beat a level?

Answer: You need to get the required amount of points in order to beat the level.

How do you get points?

Answer: You get points by drifting and doing other stunts.

Once you’ve beaten all the levels is that the end of the game?

Answer: No there is still more you can do such as play online multiplayer and Time Trial mode.

What’s the difference between Time Trial mode and Arcade mode?

Answer: In Time Trial mode you are racing against the clock whereas in Arcade mode you are racing against other opponents.

Can you play Time Trial mode without unlocking it first?

Answer: No you need to unlock Time Trial mode by completing all the levels in Arcade mode.

How long does it take to beat all the levels?

Answer: It depends on how good you are at the game.

On average it would probably take around 10-15 hours.

Is there a way to skip levels if you’re struggling?

Answer: No you can’t skip levels.

You’ll just have to keep trying until you eventually beat it.

What happens if you can’t beat a level?

Answer: You can keep retrying the level as many times as you want.

Do the levels get harder the further you get?

Answer: Yes the levels do get harder as you progress.

Is there an ending cutscene?

Answer: Yes there is an ending cutscene that you unlock after beating the game.

Is the game worth playing?

Answer: Yes the game is definitely worth playing as it’s a lot of fun.

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