How To Use A Scissor Car Jack

A scissor jack is a type of mechanical jack that is commonly used to lift up the body of a vehicle in order to perform maintenance or repairs. While it can be useful in a pinch it is not intended for use as a primary means of lifting a vehicle.

If you need to use a scissor jack to lift your car make sure that the area around the vehicle is level and free of debris. Place the jack under the vehicle at a point that is level with the ground then start to slowly crank the handle in a clockwise direction. The car should start to slowly lift off the ground. Once the car is high enough place jack stands under the vehicle to support it.

Be very careful when using a scissor jack as they can be unstable and cause the vehicle to topple over if not used properly. Never get under a vehicle that is supported by a scissor jack and always use jack stands for added safety.

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How do you use a scissor jack?

Place the jack under the car at the correct location and turn the handle to start lifting the vehicle.

How do you know where to place the jack?

There are usually jack points marked on the frame of the car.

What do you do once the car is lifted?

Place jack stands under the car at the appropriate points to support the vehicle.

How do you know where to place the jack stands?

Most cars will have jack stand points marked on the frame.

What is the minimum number of jack stands you should use?


What is the maximum height you should lift the vehicle with a scissor jack?

12 inches.

What do you do if you need to lift the car higher than 12 inches?

Use a floor jack in addition to the scissor jack.

Where do you place the floor jack?

The floor jack should be placed under the car at the appropriate jack point.

How high can you lift a car with a floor jack?

18 inches.

What is the maximum weight a scissor jack can support?

3 tons.

How do you lower the car back down once you are finished?

Turn the handle in the opposite direction to lower the car back down.

What do you do with the jack stands once the car is back on the ground?

Remove them from under the car.

How do you store a scissor jack?

In the trunk of the car.

What is the warranty period for a scissor jack?

1 year.

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What do you do if the scissor jack breaks?

Contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

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