Is Bmw A Foreign Car

There’s no definitive answer to this question since it depends on how you define “foreign.” If you consider anything not made in the United States to be foreign then yes BMW is a foreign car company. However if you take a more global perspective and consider any company not headquartered in the country in which it sells its cars to be foreign then BMW would not be considered a foreign company since it’s headquartered in Germany.

Interestingly BMW was actually founded as a subsidiary of another German company Rapp Motorenwerke which was an aircraft engine manufacturer. Rapp Motorenwerke was originally established in 1913 and BMW was established as its aviation division in 1917. BMW didn’t begin producing cars until 1928 and it didn’t become an independent company until after World War II.

So if we consider BMW’s history it could be argued that it’s not really a German company at all but rather a subsidiary of a German company that was founded in another country. However since BMW has been headquartered in Germany since its inception most people would probably consider it a German company.

In terms of sales BMW is actually the 11th largest car company in the world and it sells its cars in over 140 countries. The United States is actually BMW’s largest market followed by China Germany the United Kingdom and Brazil.

So while BMW may not be considered a foreign company by everyone it is certainly a global company with a strong presence in many countries around the world.

Is BMW a foreign car?

Yes BMW is a foreign car.

What country is BMW from?

BMW is from Germany.

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