According to reports Anthony Hopkins drives a Bentley Continental GT. The Continental GT is a luxurious car that features a powerful engine and sleek design. It’s the perfect car for a Hollywood actor like Hopkins.

What car does Anthony Hopkins drive in the movie Fracture?

Answer: A Jaguar XK

How does Anthony Hopkins’ character try to kill Ryan Gosling’s character?

Answer: By dropping a television on him from a high window

What does Anthony Hopkins’ character do for a living?

Answer: He’s a successful engineer

What is the name of Anthony Hopkins’ character in Fracture?

Answer: Ted Crawford

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Who is the director of Fracture?

Answer: Gregory Hoblit

What is the name of the actress who plays Anthony Hopkins’ wife in Fracture?

Answer: Embeth Davidtz

What is the name of the detective who is investigating the attempted murder in Fracture?

Answer: Robert Anthony

What does Ryan Gosling’s character do for a living?

Answer: He’s a district attorney

What is the name of Ryan Gosling’s character in Fracture?

Answer: Willy Beachum

What is the name of the witness in the attempted murder case?

Answer: Jennifer Crawford

How does Willy Beachum try to get Ted Crawford to confess?

Answer: By playing mind games with him

What does Ted Crawford do when he realizes Willy Beachum is trying to trick him?

Answer: He confesses to the attempted murder

What is the outcome of the trial?

Answer: Ted Crawford is found guilty and sent to prison

What is the name of the prison where Ted Crawford is incarcerated?

Answer: San Quentin State Prison

What is the fate of Ted Crawford?

Answer: He is killed by another inmate

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