What Car Does Claire Drive In Modern Family

Claire Dunphy is one of the main characters in the show Modern Family. She is married to Phil Dunphy and they have three children together Haley Alex and Luke. Claire is a stay-at-home mom and is very dedicated to her family.

Claire is also known for being a bit of a control freak. She is always trying to keep her family in line and make sure that everything is going according to her plan. This can sometimes create conflict with her husband and children who don’t always appreciate being told what to do.

One of the things that Claire is most known for is her car. She is very particular about her car and keeps it in immaculate condition. Claire loves her car and takes great pride in it.

So what car does Claire drive in Modern Family?

Claire drives a Subaru Outback. This is a practical car that is perfect for a family. It has plenty of room for the kids and all of their gear and it is also good for off-roading and camping trips.

Claire loves her Subaru Outback and it is one of her most prized possessions. She is always washing and waxing it and she is constantly upgrading and adding new features to it.

If you are a fan of Modern Family then you probably know that Claire’s car is one of the most important things in her life. It is her pride and joy and she loves it just as much as she loves her family.

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What car does Claire drive in Modern Family?

Claire drives a Porsche Panamera.

Does Claire’s car have a manual or automatic transmission?

Claire’s car has an automatic transmission.

What is the color of Claire’s car?

Claire’s car is white.

How long has Claire been driving her car?

Claire has been driving her car for 3 years.

Does Claire ever have problems with her car?

Yes Claire has had problems with her car in the past.

What was the last problem Claire had with her car?

The last problem Claire had with her car was a flat tire.

How did Claire fix her car?

Claire had her car towed to a nearby service station.

What is Claire’s car’s license plate number?

Claire’s car’s license plate number is 4C-856.

Where does Claire usually park her car?

Claire usually parks her car in her driveway.

Does Claire ever let anyone else drive her car?

Yes Claire has let her husband and children drive her car in the past.

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What is the best feature of Claire’s car?

The best feature of Claire’s car is its safety features.

What is the worst feature of Claire’s car?

The worst feature of Claire’s car is its gas mileage.

Would Claire ever consider buying a different car?

Yes Claire has considered buying a different car in the past.

What type of car would Claire like to buy?

Claire would like to buy a SUV.

Why does Claire want to buy a SUV?

Claire wants to buy a SUV because she needs a bigger car to transport her family.

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