Peyton Sawyer is known for her love of cars and driving. She is often seen driving her car around town and to and from school. But what kind of car does she drive?

Peyton Sawyer’s car is a 1967 Ford Mustang. It is red with a white stripe down the middle. The Mustang has a V8 engine and is a manual transmission. Sawyer’s car is also equipped with a limited-slip differential which helps her to get better traction when she is driving.

Sawyer’s car is not only fast but it is also very stylish. It has a classic look that is sure to turn heads when she is driving. Peyton Sawyer’s car is definitely one of a kind.

What car does Peyton Sawyer drive?

She drives a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro.

Does she still drive it in season 9?

No she gives it away in season 8 to a guy who restored it.

Who gave her the car?

Lucas Scott gave it to her.

Why did he give it to her?

He wanted her to have something to remember him by.

What does the car mean to her?

The car is a symbol of her happy memories with Lucas.

Where did they go in the car?

They went to the River Court to play basketball.

What other memories does she have of the car?

She and Lucas went on a road trip to the Outer Banks.

What happened on the road trip?

They got lost and ended up staying in a motel for the night.

How did they find their way back?

They followed the map and found their way back.

Does the car hold any sentimental value to her?

Yes the car is very sentimental to her.

What would she do if she could have the car back?

She would probably restore it herself.

Does she ever see the car again?

Yes in season 9 she sees it at a car show.

How does she feel when she sees it?

She feels happy and nostalgic.

Does she ever get the car back?

No she doesn’t get the car back.

Does she ever talk to the guy who has the car?

No she never talks to him again.

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