Chick Hicks is a NASCAR racing car who appears in the 2006 Disney/Pixar film Cars and its 2011 sequel Cars 2. He is voiced by Michael Keaton in both films.

Chick is one of the main antagonists in Cars. He is a veteran race car who wants to win the Piston Cup at all costs even if it means cheating and causing others to crash. He is first seen at the start of the film trying to intimidate Lightning McQueen into letting him pass but Lightning refuses. Chick later becomes infuriated with Lightning after he accidentally ruins his chances of winning a race.

Chick later tricks Lightning into thinking that he has been invited to a tiebreaker race in Los Angeles when in reality Chick only wants to ensure that Lightning will lose so that he can win the Piston Cup. However Chick’s plan backfires when Lightning unexpectedly wins the tiebreaker race.

Chick is last seen at the end of the film when he is arrested for his various crimes.

In Cars 2 Chick is recruited by Professor Zündapp to be a part of his lemons team in a world grand prix. However Chick is ultimately betrayed by Zündapp and is left stranded in Tokyo.

Chick Hicks is based on a variety of real-life NASCAR race cars. His primary inspiration is the Chevrolet Monte Carlo which was used in NASCAR from 1973 to 2007. Chick’s grille and headlight design is based on the Monte Carlo’s second generation (1978-1980) while his rear end is based on the third generation (1981-1988).

Other inspirations for Chick include the Ford Thunderbird (used in NASCAR from 1958 to 1988) and the Pontiac Grand Prix (used in NASCAR from 1962 to 2008). Chick’s hood and windshield design is based on the Thunderbird while his rear quarter panels are based on the Grand Prix.

Which car company Chick Hicks is based on?

Chick Hicks is based on the car company Tesla.

What kind of car is Chick Hicks?

Chick Hicks is a Tesla Model S.

What color is Chick Hicks?

Chick Hicks is black.

How fast can Chick Hicks go?

Chick Hicks can go up to 155 mph.

How much does Chick Hicks cost?

Chick Hicks starts at $74500.

What kind of battery does Chick Hicks have?

Chick Hicks has a lithium ion battery.

How far can Chick Hicks go on a single charge?

Chick Hicks can go up to 345 miles on a single charge.

How long does it take to charge Chick Hicks?

Chick Hicks can be charged in as little as 1 hour.

What kind of charging port does Chick Hicks have?

Chick Hicks has a J1772 port.

Does Chick Hicks come with autonomous features?

Chick Hicks comes with autonomous features such as autopilot and summon.

What safety features does Chick Hicks have?

Chick Hicks has safety features such as airbags and a reinforced steel frame.

What kind of warranty does Chick Hicks have?

Chick Hicks comes with a 4 year 50000 mile warranty.

Is Chick Hicks available in other colors?

Chick Hicks is available in other colors such as white and red.

What is the price range of Chick Hicks?

Chick Hicks ranges from $74500 to $84500.

What are the dimensions of Chick Hicks?

Chick Hicks is 193.

5 in long 72.

9 in wide and 56.

5 in tall.

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