If you’ve ever noticed a little red car with a lock symbol on it while driving you may have wondered what it meant. The red car with a lock symbol is called a LoJack and it’s a security feature that helps protect your vehicle from being stolen.

Here’s how it works: if your LoJack-equipped car is stolen the police can track it using the LoJack system. The system uses radio waves to communicate with the LoJack unit which is hidden in your car.

The LoJack system is effective but it’s not foolproof. If your car is stolen and the thieves disable the LoJack unit the police won’t be able to track it. And if your car is totaled in an accident the LoJack unit will be destroyed and the police won’t be able to track your car.

Still the LoJack system is a valuable tool for deterring car thieves and recovering stolen vehicles. If you’re considering purchasing a LoJack system for your car be sure to check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for a discount on your premium.

when you see a red car lock symbol what does it mean?

the car is locked.

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