What Happened To Steve Barton Car Collection

In September of 2008 Steve Barton’s world-famous car collection was auctioned off to the highest bidder. The collection which included some of the most iconic and valuable cars ever made was valued at over $100 million.

Barton a self-made millionaire had spent his life amassing the collection which featured cars from every era. Many of the cars were one-of-a-kind and all were in pristine condition.

The auction was held over the course of two days and saw some of the most intense bidding ever seen at an auction. In the end Barton’s collection was sold for a total of $120 million.

Since the auction Barton has largely disappeared from the public eye. His current whereabouts are unknown and it is presumed that he has retired from the world of car collecting.

What happened to Steve Barton’s car collection after it was sold at auction is a mystery. Barton himself has not been seen or heard from in over a decade and it is unclear what he has been doing with his time or his money.

However wherever Barton is and whatever he is doing it is safe to say that his car collection was one of the most impressive ever assembled and its loss is a sad day for the world of car collectors.

What was the last known whereabouts of Steve Barton’s car collection?

The last known whereabouts of Steve Barton’s car collection was in his garage.

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