What Is Car Dragon

Car dragons are a mythical creature that are said to look like a cross between a dragon and a car. They are said to be very fast and agile and to have a temperament that is both fierce and protective. Some say that car dragons are born from the eggs of other dragons while others believe that they are created when a car and a dragon mate. There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of car dragons but that doesn’t stop people from believing in them!

What is a car dragon?

A car dragon is a mythical creature that ishalf-car half-dragon.

How does a car dragon look like?

A car dragon has the head wings and claws of a dragon and the body of a car.

Where did the car dragon come from?

The car dragon is a product of China’s auto industry.

Why did China create the car dragon?

The car dragon was created to show the world that China’s auto industry is capable of creating anything.

How big is a car dragon?

A car dragon is about the size of a small car.

What does a car dragon eat?

A car dragon eats gasoline and oil.

How does a car dragon breathe?

A car dragon breathes fire.

What is the car dragon’s natural habitat?

The car dragon’s natural habitat is the highway.

Do car dragons like to be driven?

No car dragons do not like to be driven.

Can car dragons fly?

Yes car dragons can fly.

Do car dragons have scales?

Yes car dragons have scales.

Are car dragons friendly?

No car dragons are not friendly.

Do car dragons lay eggs?

No car dragons do not lay eggs.

How long do car dragons live?

Car dragons live for about 50 years.

What is the car dragon’s purpose?

The car dragon’s purpose is to show the world the power of China’s auto industry.

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