What Kind Of Car Does Beth Dutton Drive

Beth Dutton is a character from the Yellowstone TV show and she’s known for her love of all things fast and luxurious. So what kind of car does Beth Dutton drive?

Beth Dutton drives a Jaguar XJL. This car is the epitome of luxury and speed and it’s perfect for Beth’s high-powered lifestyle. The XJL is packed with features like a supercharged V8 engine Adaptive Dynamics suspension and an 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s no wonder Beth loves this car so much!

Beth isn’t the only one who loves her Jaguar XJL. Critics have praised the car for its outstanding performance and luxurious features. Car and Driver called the XJL “the ultimate luxury sedan” and praised its “potent supercharged V8 engine.” Motor Trend said the XJL is “the most advanced Jaguar ever built” and praised its “seamless blend of luxury and performance.”

If you’re looking for a car that’s as luxurious and fast as Beth Dutton’s Jaguar XJL then you’ll need to start saving up. This car starts at $104595 and it’s worth every penny.

What kind of car does Beth Dutton drive?

A Chevy Tahoe.

Where did Beth get her car?

She bought it from a dealership.

Who sold Beth her car?

A salesman at the dealership.

What color is Beth’s car?

It is tan.

Does Beth like her car?

Yes she does.

What are the features of Beth’s car?

It has a sunroof and leather seats.

How much did Beth pay for her car?

She paid $42000 for it.

How long did it take Beth to pay off her car?

It took her two years to pay it off.

Is Beth’s car still under warranty?

No the warranty has expired.

Has Beth ever gotten into an accident in her car?

No she has not.

Does Beth ever let other people drive her car?

Yes she does.

Who else has a key to Beth’s car?

Her husband Jamie.

Does Beth ever take her car to get serviced?

Yes she does.

When is the last time Beth got her car serviced?

She got it serviced last month.

What is the next service that Beth’s car needs?

It needs an oil change.

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