There are very few details about Lucifer’s car in the show. In one episode Amenadiel tells Chloe that Lucifer’s car is a 1967 Chevy Impala. In another episode Lucifer is seen driving a Ferrari. It’s not clear if this is his own car or if he’s just borrowing it.

Lucifer’s car is likely a 1967 Chevy Impala because that’s the type of car that was used in the original Supernatural TV show. The Impala is a classic car and it fits Lucifer’s personality. He’s a classic “bad boy” and the Impala is a classic “bad boy” car.

The Ferrari that Lucifer is seen driving in one episode could be his own car or it could be a borrowed car. It’s possible that Lucifer owns both a 1967 Chevy Impala and a Ferrari. He’s a rich guy and he can afford to have more than one car.

Lucifer’s car is a reflection of his personality. He’s a classic “bad boy” and his car is a classic “bad boy” car. The Impala is a legendary car and it’s the perfect car for Lucifer.

What kind of car does Lucifer drive?

A 1967 Chevrolet Impala.

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How did Lucifer get his car?

He stole it from a police impound lot.

How many miles is on Lucifer’s car?

The car has over 150000 miles.

What is the name of the show that Lucifer is in?


What is the name of Lucifer’s Father?


What did Lucifer do before he was the Devil?

He was an angel.

What is the name of Lucifer’s brother?


What is the name of Lucifer’s Mother?


Does Lucifer have any siblings?

Yes he has two siblings.

What is the name of Lucifer’s girlfriend?


How does Lucifer make a living?

He is a nightclub owner.

What is Lucifer’s favorite food?

He likes all food but especially steak.

What is Lucifer’s favorite drink?

He likes all drinks but especially whiskey.

What is Lucifer’s favorite hobby?

He likes to play the piano.

What is Lucifer’s favorite thing to do?

He likes to help people.

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