In 1975 the AMC Pacer was introduced. It was an innovative design with a unique look but it didn’t sell well. In 1977 AMC released the Pacer’s successor the AMC Gremlin. The Gremlin was a more traditional looking car but it didn’t sell well either. In 1979 AMC released the Spirit which was a more modern looking car. The Spirit was a success but it was short-lived. In 1983 AMC released the Concord which was a more traditional looking car. The Concord was a success and it was AMC’s last successful car. In 1987 AMC was bought by Chrysler. In 1998 Chrysler discontinued the AMC brand.

So what year was Christine the car? Christine was the last successful AMC car so it was probably manufactured in 1983.

What year was Christine the car manufactured?

Christine the car was manufactured in 1958.

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When did Stephen King first published Christine?

Stephen King first published Christine in April of 1983.

In what year was the film Christine released?

The film Christine was released in 1983.

Who directed the film Christine?

John Carpenter directed the film Christine.

Who starred in the film Christine?

Keith Gordon John Stockwell Alexandra Paul and Harry Dean Stanton all starred in the film Christine.

What is the name of the novel Christine is based off of?

The novel Christine is based off of is also called Christine.

What kind of car is Christine?

Christine is a red and white Plymouth Fury.

Is Christine a real car?

Christine is a real car but the car used in the film was a replica.

What happens to Arnie’s car in the beginning of Christine?

Arnie’s car is totaled in an accident.

How does Arnie get Christine?

Arnie buys Christine for $250 from a junkyard.

Who owns Christine before Arnie?

George LeBay owned Christine before Arnie.

What is wrong with Christine when Arnie first buys her?

When Arnie first buys her Christine is missing her front bumper and her front passenger seat.

How does Christine’s appearance change throughout the novel/film?

Christine’s appearance changes throughout the novel/film as she becomes more and more polished and restored.

What is the name of the band that Arnie Dennis and Leigh form?

The band that Arnie Dennis and Leigh form is called The Klowns.

What is the name of Leigh’s boyfriend?

Leigh’s boyfriend is named Buddy Repperton.

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