If you’re wondering when Santander will repo your car the answer is unfortunately not very clear. Santander does not publicize its specific repo policies so it’s difficult to say for sure. However there are some general things to keep in mind that may give you a better idea of when they may repo your car.

First Santander will most likely repo your car if you miss a payment or are significantly behind on payments. If you’re only a few days late they may not repo your car right away but if you’re a month or more behind they’re much more likely to do so.

Second Santander may also repo your car if you’re in violation of the terms of your loan agreement. This could include things like not having car insurance not keeping up with required car maintenance or using the car for illegal purposes.

If you’re worried about Santander repo-ing your car the best thing you can do is stay current on your payments and make sure you’re in compliance with the terms of your loan agreement. If you’re unsure about anything it’s always best to contact Santander directly to ask.

What is Santander’s policy on repossessing cars?

Santander may repossess a car if the borrower falls behind on payments commits fraud or violates the terms of their loan agreement.

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