Christine the car is now in a museum in Las Vegas Nevada.

Where is Christine the car now?

In a garage in Pennsylvania.

Who owns Christine the car now?

Dennis Dunning.

How much did Dennis Dunning pay for Christine the car?


What was the previous owner of Christine the car?

George LeBay.

How did Arnie Cunningham first see Christine the car?

In a used car lot.

How much did Arnie Cunningham pay for Christine the car?


What was wrong with Christine the car when Arnie Cunningham bought her?

She had a broken windshield and a flat tire.

How does Christine the car get her name?

Arnie Cunningham names her after a girl he likes in his class Christine Hargensen.

Who is Robert Harmon?

The director of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Christine.

What is the make of Christine the car?

A 1958 Plymouth Fury.

What color is Christine the car when Arnie Cunningham buys her?


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What color does Christine the car turn after she is possessed?


Does Christine the car have a licence plate?

Yes she has a Pennsylvania licence plate that reads “CUH 875.

How does Arnie Cunningham die?

Christine the car crashes into a quarry and blows up killing Arnie Cunningham in the process.

Does Christine the car survive the quarry explosion?

Yes she reforms herself and drives away.

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