Who Invented Car Heaters

Car heaters were invented in the early 1900s to keep drivers warm in cold weather. The first car heater was patented in 1903 by American inventor Charles Kettering. It was a simple device that used a metal coil to generate heat which was then distributed through the car’s ventilation system.

Kettering’s heater was not widely used however as it was not very effective and could actually be dangerous if the coil overheated. In the 1920s a more sophisticated car heater was developed that used a heating element to warm the air as it passed through a metal box. This type of heater was safer and more effective and it quickly became popular with drivers.

Today car heaters are a common feature in most vehicles. They are typically controlled by a switch or knob on the dashboard and they use the car’s engine coolant to generate heat. Many modern cars also have heated seats which use electrical elements to provide warmth.

Who invented car heaters?

George Bartholomew.

When were car heaters invented?


How do car heaters work?

By using a fan to circulate hot air from the engine through the car’s cabin.

Why were car heaters invented?

To make driving in cold weather more comfortable.

Where were car heaters invented?

In Detroit Michigan.

How long have car heaters been around?

For over 120 years.

What was the first car heater made of?

Cast iron.

What are most car heaters made of now?


How much did the first car heater cost?


How much do most car heaters cost now?

Between $40 and $50.

What is the most common type of car heater?

The blower type.

What are the other types of car heaters?

The film type and the radiant type.

What are the disadvantages of car heaters?

They can be noisy and they can use a lot of power.

Are car heaters dangerous?

If they are not properly installed or maintained they can be a fire hazard.

What should you do if your car heater is not working properly?

Take it to a mechanic to have it checked out.

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