Who Makes The Car Acura

Who makes the car acura?

Acura is a Japanese automaker that is owned by Honda. Acura was founded in 1986 and introduced its first car the Legend in 1987. The company has since introduced a number of other popular models including the TL MDX and RDX.

Acura cars are known for their luxury and performance and they are often compared to other Japanese automakers such as Lexus and Infiniti. Acura is Honda’s luxury brand and its cars typically cost more than Honda’s mainstream models.

Acura is a popular choice for car buyers who are looking for a high-quality luxury vehicle. The company’s cars are reliable and offer great value for the money. If you are considering buying an Acura be sure to check out our reviews to learn more about the specific models that interest you.


What company manufactures Acura vehicles?

Answer: Honda


When did Acura first release their vehicles in the United States?

Answer: 1986


What is the current Acura slogan?

Answer: The power of dreams


Which president of Honda first came up with the idea for Acura?

Answer: Soichiro Honda


What was the first model of Acura released in the United States?

Answer: The Legend


Which Acura model was the first SUV ever released by the company?

Answer: The SLX


What is the name of Acura’s luxury sedan?

Answer: The RL


What is the name of Acura’s performance division?

Answer: Type S


What was the first Type S model released by Acura?

Answer: The Integra Type S


Which Type S model is currently the fastest Acura vehicle?

Answer: The NSX Type S


What is the name of Acura’s SUV crossover?

Answer: The MDX


What is the name of Acura’s entry-level sedan?

Answer: The TSX


What is the name of Acura’s hybrid SUV?

Answer: The RDX


What is the name of the racing series that Acura competes in?

Answer: The IMSA SportsCar Championship


What is the name of the Acura vehicle that is used as a pace car in the IndyCar series?

Answer: The NSX

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