There are a lot of opinions out there about who owns Firefly car rental. Some say that the company is owned by Hertz while others say that it is owned by Budget. However the truth is that Firefly is actually a subsidiary of Hertz. This means that Hertz owns the company and is responsible for its operations.

So why do some people think that Firefly is owned by Budget? Well it turns out that Firefly was actually founded by Budget. In fact Firefly was originally known as Budget Rent a Car. However Hertz acquired Budget in 2012 and the company was renamed to Firefly.

Despite the change in name Firefly still uses the same business model as Budget. This means that they offer competitive rates and a variety of vehicles to choose from. Plus Firefly locations can be found in many of the same airports as Budget locations.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a rental car be sure to check out Firefly. Just remember that Hertz is the one who owns the company.

What is the name of the company that owns Firefly car rental?


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When was Firefly car rental founded?


Where is Firefly car rental headquartered?

Orlando Florida United States

Who is the current CEO of Firefly car rental?

Henri Mouton

What is the primary focus of Firefly car rental?

“To provide value-conscious leisure travelers with a pleasant rental experience at off-airport locations.

What kind of vehicles does Firefly car rental offer?

Minivan SUV Intermediate and Standard

What are the rental requirements for Firefly car rental?

Customers must be 25 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license.

What are the terms and conditions of Firefly car rental?

Customers must agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Firefly car rental.

What is the cancellation policy for Firefly car rental?

Customers may cancel their reservation up to 24 hours before their scheduled pickup time.

Does Firefly car rental offer any discounts?

Yes Firefly car rental offers discounts for AAA members seniors military personnel and more.

How can I contact Firefly car rental?

Customers can contact Firefly car rental by phone at 1-866-437-1357 or by email at reservations@fireflycarrental.


What are some of the Firefly car rental locations?

Firefly car rental has locations in the United States Canada France Germany Spain and the United Kingdom.

What is the age requirement to rent a car from Firefly car rental?

Customers must be 25 years of age or older to rent a car from Firefly car rental.

Do I need insurance to rent a car from Firefly car rental?

No insurance is not required to rent a car from Firefly car rental.

However we do recommend that you have insurance in case of an accident.

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What forms of payment does Firefly car rental accept?

Firefly car rental accepts Visa Mastercard American Express and Discover.

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