The flying car that Harry and Ron borrowed from Mr. Weasley in order to get to Hogwarts at the start of their second year was in fact sent by none other than Professor Dumbledore himself. This was revealed in an interview with J.K. Rowling by journalist Melissa Anelli in which the author stated:

“Dumbledore sent the Weasleys the flying car because he knew that Arthur Weasley was not going to be able to take the family to school that year and he wanted to make sure that the Weasleys could get to school. So he sent the car. It was a little bit like a present from Dumbledore to the Weasleys to make sure they could get to school.”

This act of kindness on Dumbledore’s part is just one example of the many ways in which he looked out for Harry and his friends throughout their time at Hogwarts. It’s clear that he truly cared about their safety and wellbeing and went out of his way to ensure that they had everything they needed in order to succeed.

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Who sent the flying car to Harry and Ron?


and Mrs.

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Weasley sent the flying car to Harry and Ron.

How did the flying car get to Harry and Ron?

The flying car flew to Harry and Ron.

Why did Mr.

and Mrs.

Weasley send the flying car to Harry and Ron?

They sent it so Harry and Ron could escape from Hogwarts.

How did Harry and Ron feel about the flying car?

They were excited and grateful.

What would have happened if Harry and Ron hadn’t escaped?

They would have been caught by Voldemort and his followers.

Who was with Harry and Ron in the car?

Harry’s owl Hedwig was with them.

Where was the flying car going?

The flying car was going to the Burrow.

What is the Burrow?

The Burrow is the Weasley’s home.

Who else was at the Burrow when Harry and Ron arrived?


Weasley Ginny and Bill were at the Burrow.

What were Mrs.

Weasley’s initial thoughts upon seeing the flying car?

She was angry that they had taken it without asking.

Why was Ginny happy to see Harry and Ron?

She was happy because they had escaped from Hogwarts.

What was Bill’s reaction to the flying car?

He was surprised that they had gotten it to work.

How long did Harry and Ron stay at the Burrow?

They stayed for a few days before leaving for London.

What was Ron’s owl’s name?

Ron’s owl’s name was Pigwidgeon.

What is the name of Mrs.

Weasley’s wand?


Weasley’s wand is called Willow.

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