Why Did Simeon Wrench Sleep Under His Car

Simeon Wrench a car mechanic from North London has been sleeping under his car for the past year. He says it’s the only way to get a good night’s sleep.

“I’m a light sleeper so I need to be in a quiet place. And my car is the perfect place” he says.

Wrench who is in his early 30s says he has slept in his car “off and on” for about 10 years but started doing it regularly about a year ago.

“I started working at a garage and I would sometimes sleep in my car when I was on night shift. Then I started doing it more often because it was just more convenient” he says.

Wrench says he generally tries to park his car in a quiet spot away from traffic. He sometimes sleeps in his van but finds it more comfortable to sleep in his car.

“I have a mattress in the back and I just sleep on that. I’ve tried sleeping in the front but it’s just not as comfortable” he says.

Wrench says he doesn’t mind the odd strange looks he gets from passers-by.

“People see me and they think I’m crazy but I don’t care. I’m just trying to get some sleep” he says.

Why did Simeon Wrench sleep under his car?

Simeon Wrench slept under his car to avoid being seen by the police.

Why was Simeon Wrench trying to avoid the police?

Simeon Wrench was wanted by the police for questioning in connection with a murder.

What did Simeon Wrench do when he saw the police coming?

Simeon Wrench hid under his car.

Where was Simeon Wrench when the police found him?

Simeon Wrench was found hiding under his car.

How did the police find out about Simeon Wrench?

The police were tipped off by a neighbor who saw Simeon Wrench hiding under his car.

Why did the neighbor tip off the police?

The neighbor was suspicious of Simeon Wrench and thought he might be involved in a crime.

What did the police do when they found Simeon Wrench?

The police took Simeon Wrench into custody for questioning.

What did Simeon Wrench do when he was taken into custody?

Simeon Wrench asked for a lawyer.

What did the police do after questioning Simeon Wrench?

The police released Simeon Wrench without charging him.

What was the result of the investigation?

The investigation is still ongoing.

Did Simeon Wrench have anything to do with the murder?

The police have not determined if Simeon Wrench was involved in the murder.

What will happen to Simeon Wrench?

Simeon Wrench will continue to be a person of interest in the investigation.

Is Simeon Wrench a suspect in the murder?

Simeon Wrench is a person of interest but has not been named a suspect.

What does this mean for Simeon Wrench?

Simeon Wrench could be arrested if the police find evidence linking him to the murder.

What is the status of the investigation?

The investigation is ongoing.

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